Indoor Mayhem FPV Race

Race organised by Drone-Racing Belgium

C-mine Genk

29-11-2015 09:00 - 16:30

This will be the first (official) FPV race organized by Drone-Racing Belgium. We will welcome 32 pilots and a lot of spectators in the indoor parking at C-mine Genk.

There will be safety barriers dividing the spectators, pilots and race track for security. In order to submerge the spectators into the world of FPV, we will have big TV screens that show the action as it happens live from the pilots point of view. There will be plenty of opportunity to speak to pilots, ask questions about FPV or drones and enjoy the spectacle. Drinks will be available for purchase, as well as goodies to support Drone-Racing Belgium (stickers, flags, cones, etc). For pilots we will have sandwhiches for lunch, spectators will have to bring their own.


For spectators

Although not required, we want to ask you to register using the 'register as spectator' button below. This gives us a rough estimate of how many spectators to expect and plan the event accordingly. You can come at whatever time suits you best and leave whenever you want. If you want to come and see the most spectacular part of this event, check the planning below.

The event will be on level -2 of the garage with plenty of parking space available at -1. The parking spots at -2 are reserved for pilots because they have to haul a lot of gear.


For pilots

We expect you to arrive before or at 9:00 (you can park your car on level -2). This allows you to set up your work area and explore the track (by foot) before the first flights. We will check all miniquads at 9:15 and do the first qualification rounds at 10:00.

Make sure your failsafe is set to stop the motors. This will be checked before the first flight, if it is set to idle or hold you will not be allowed to fly. Safety first.

The only allowed control frequency is 2.4GHz, UHF is not allowed. For video, the only allowed option is 5.8GHz. 1.3GHz is not allowed in Belgium and 2.4GHz is already used for control. The legal power limit for 5.8GHz is 25mW. All brands of video transmitters are allowed, although band F (also known as the ImmersionRC band) is recommended.


Day planning

  • 8:00: pilots are welcomed
  • 9:00: all pilots have to be at the event
  • 9:15: technical check (failsafe, video frequency, etc)
  • 9:45: briefing of the rules and tournament structure
  • 10:00: qualifiers
  • 12:30: lunch break (the garage ventilation system is active from 12:30 till 13:00, making flying impossible due to video interference)
  • 13:00: tournament
  • 16:30: end of the event



The track layout will not be posted online, but we are organizing a practice day on November 15th that will have the exact same track as the official race. If you want to get some practice in, make sure you get a spot in 'training day 4'.



  • Environment: Indoor flying and pilot area
  • Distance to parking: 11 - 25m
  • 220 Volt: Available in pilot area
  • Food available: Yes
  • Drinks available: Yes


Closed at 28-11-2015 23:59


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