Training day 5

Meetup organised by Drone-Racing Belgium

C-mine Genk

13-12-2015 09:00 - 16:30

This is the last event we are doing at C-mine for this year. Hopefully Genk will let us use their garage again next year. We have to wait for their approval before we can plan more events there.


Video transmitter power

As usual, no video transmitters over 25mW are allowed.



Free flying in groups of 4 before noon, small double elimination tournament after lunch.


Food & Drinks

We will be getting kebab for lunch, or you can bring your own food. Remember to bring something to drink.



There will be 220V available in the pit area.


  • Environment: Indoor flying and pilot area
  • Distance to parking: 11 - 25m
  • 220 Volt: Available in pilot area
  • Food available: No
  • Drinks available: No