C-mine meetup / Q&A

Meetup organised by Drone-Racing Belgium

C-mine, Genk

11-12-2016 08:00 - 17:00

Update 28/11: This event filled up fast. In case you missed it, you have a second chance. I will add 4 more spots on December 4th at 20:00. Be sure to set your alarm clocks this time! Also, make sure to click the 'alert me' button below to get an e-mail when someone resigns.


It's cold and rainy outside. Soon there will be snow. Too dark to fly when you get home from work. Sounds like a perfect time to start off the C-mine meetups again!



We noticed that naming these sessions "Training days" scared off newer pilots. So we are rebranding them to "Meetups". Sounds way more friendly and accessible. But the formula hasn't changed, it's still a day full of fun, drones and pizzas.



To welcome all the pilots that have recently picked up this hobby, we will be answering all the questions you may have about soldering, components, firmwares, configurations, etc during this first session. In combination with non-stop flying of course! More experienced pilots can also ask questions (or help answer them :P).


Video transmitter power

As usual, no video transmitters over 25mW are allowed. ImmersionRC TrampHV recommended.


Food & Drinks

We will be getting pizza for lunch, or you can bring your own food. Drinks are also available for purchase.



There will be 220V available in the pit area.



  • Price for DRB+ members: FREE
  • Price for non-DRB+ members: € 10.00
  • Price for spectators: FREE


  • Environment: Indoor flying and pilot area
  • Distance to parking: 0 - 10m
  • 220 Volt: Available in pilot area
  • Food available: Yes
  • Drinks available: Yes