Fun Race @ Belgian Heli Days

Race organised by External party


12-04-2017 10:00 - 18:00

Race from the Drone Fun Tour at Beauvechain airforce base during their Belgian Heli Days event.
All participating pilots get free entrance to the event, and the winner of the race will receive a free helicopter ride!!!
So join us for a day of FPV-flying, or just come over and enjoy the atmosphere at the Belgian Heli Days.
Pilot info:
- As usual, only 5.8GHz VTx 25mW allowed. (IRC-band)
- Pilot must be member of one of the modelling federations (AAM, VML, KNVvL, DMFV, FFAM, AMA, ....)
- For safety reasons the racetrack will most probably be built inside a very large hangar.

No registration or entree fee required, but please leave a comment on the facebook page if you are participating, so we can prepare our pilot area accordingly.



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