Training day 2: Halloween edition

Meetup organised by Drone-Racing Belgium

C-mine Genk

01-11-2015 09:00 - 16:30

Training day 2: Halloween edition

As if the low ceiling and concrete walls aren't scary enough already, we will have special halloween decorations for this event. Bonus points for anyone that decorates their miniquad!



There will be free flying in the morning (starting at 9:00) and a little tournament in the afternoon with a delicious price. The tournament will be a "3 Game Guarantee" setup so you will be flying at least 3 rounds, regardless of your skill level, so come join us for a day of indoor fun.


Food & Drinks

We will be getting kebab for lunch, or you can bring your own food.

Remember to bring something to drink. There will be a cooler available to keep your drinks cold.



There will be NO 220V available. However, limited 12V (approx. 65Ah) is available for charging batteries, but you have to bring your own charger.

If you have your own battery to charge your lipo's from, we encourage you to bring it.



To make the process of gathering all the footage easier for our video editor, we will have a laptop on site where you can drop all of your video footage on (DVR, GoPro, Mobius, DSLR, etc). This way you won't have to upload it all afterwards. The laptop has USB and an SD card slot and we will have SD adapters and USB cables available.


  • Environment: Indoor flying and pilot area
  • Distance to parking: 11 - 25m
  • 220 Volt: Not available
  • Food available: No
  • Drinks available: No