What is DRB+

DRB+ membership provides free access to meetups, 50% discounts on big DRB events (eg DronePortal 2018). Some events are also exclusively for DRB+ members (eg Teambuilding, Members-only events).

To ensure DRB+ members can register for all the events they want to attend, they get a 1 minute head start. Pilot registrations are open to DRB+ members at 19:59 instead of at 20:00.

Optionally, DRB+ members can also become a member of VML, provided that additional membership fees (set by VML) are paid. More information about VML can be found at VML membership details will be e-mailed to all DRB+ members as soon as the necessary details are made available by VML.

How much does it cost?

Every membership starts the moment the necessary fees have been paid and expires on December 31st, 2018. Returning DRB+ members (2017 DRB+ members that renew before January 31st, 2018) and early birds (members that sign up before January 31st, 2018) get discounts.

Example: the non-DRB+ price for meetups is € 10,00 while DRB+ members get free access. This means you are already saving money after attending 4-5 meetups, and that's not even taking into account the discounts you get for big DRB events like DronePortal 2018 and DRB sanctioned events.

Returning DRB+ members (before Jan 31st) € 40,00
Early bird (before Jan 31st) € 45,00
Regular price (after Jan 31st) € 50,00

Sign me up !

First, make sure you have read and agree with our house rules. Our refund policy is also worth taking note of. After that, you can sign up using the button below.