Refund policy

Due to the increased number of late resigns and no-shows in free events, we have decided to institute a entrance fee for most of our events. Less no-shows makes it easier for us to prepare (eg tournament brackets) and bring you higher quality events.

Signing up for an event
When signing up for an event with an entrance fee, a spot will be reserved for you for 1 hour. This allows you to make the payment without having to rush. It is also possible to have another member pay for your reservation (eg if you don't have a PayPal account yourself). Resigning during this period or letting the reservation expire is completely free. Signing up for a free event immediately registers you for the event, skipping the 1 hour reservation period because there is no payment to be made.

Resigning from an event

Time of resignation Action
At least 48 hours before start Complete refund - 1 euro *
Less than 48 hours before start No refund
No-show No refund and possible exclusion **

* 1 euro administrative cost (in part PayPal; in part DRB)

** Not showing up for an event results in no refund and possibly exclusion from (a number of) future events. Informing us why you didn't show up during the day may prevent exclusion, certain things cannot be foreseen (eg illness, family issues). DRB+ members get a strike instead of being excluded. A strike is a temporary suspension of all DRB+ benefits that can be removed by paying a 5 euro reactivation fee.